Kitchen Table Devotions

worshiping God from A-Z as a family by Sergey Sologub

Experience the joy of worshipping God as a family

Discover how your home can become a house of worship with Kitchen Table Devotions: Worshiping God from A-Z as a Family. This charming devotional is a thoughtful but simple way for parents to creatively teach their children about the characteristics of the Lord.

So gather around the kitchen table, settle into the living room, or make space wherever your family enjoys being together, and delight in the beauty of worshiping the Lord together.

A Note from the Publisher

This book was originally written in Russian and has been so well received that it has been translated into Ukrainian, German, and Chinese so far, with minimal content adjustments for language and cultural considerations. Moody Publishers is privileged to present the English version to our readers.


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About the Author

Sergey Sologub came to believe in Jesus Christ in 1995. Seven years later he married. Together with his wife Tatiana, they live in a happy marriage raising three children. He is a pastor of Irpin Bible Church in Kiev, Ukraine.

Sergey graduated from the Training Institute for Church Ministers in Irpin, Ukraine, and is currently completing his studies in Lviv at Ukrainian Baptist Theological Seminary.

He considers acknowledging God and leading others to know Him to be his life calling.

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What People Are Saying about Kitchen Table Devotions

As a father, I remember gathering in the morning with five children of various ages, trying to do family worship in a way that would engage each of them and lay a strong foundation for their own faith and walk with God. Sergey has done just that! By focusing on the alphabet and the attributes of God, he’s given us a plan that meets the criteria of keeping it short, making it creative, and focusing on what matters. May God use this tool to stir up young hearts for the glory of God!

Brad Bigney,
Pastor, counselor, and author of Gospel Treason

This book by Pastor Sergey Sologub is a certain “textbook” for the organization and development of family worship. It will become an interesting, creative, and captivating discovery for the whole family of our great God the Savior. Nowhere else can faith in God be taught and demonstrated better than in the circle of family, among loved ones.

Mykola Romanuk,
Lead pastor, Irpin Bible Church (Irpin, Ukraine)

Thank you, Sergey, for bringing the attention of all of us to such an important aspect of life. Very few people write on this subject, and even fewer people suggest practical help, especially from personal experience. The thought and advice found in Kitchen Table Devotions have a good biblical foundation and plenty of illustrations from personal life that make the reading of this book interesting and attractive.

Konstantin Goncharov,
Founding pastor of Irpin Bible Church; missionary in South Florida

The potential of this book is in creating the moments of family worship and practices that allow us to pass our values and faith to the next generation. Kitchen Table Devotions can serve the readers as a road map to create their own topics and approaches. The victory for the author of this book will not be the fact that it will be read, but if the reader will have moments spent with the children in worship that will stay with them forever.

Yaroslav Pyzh,
President of Ukrainian Baptist Theological Seminary (Lviv, Ukraine)

To be a Christian parent is a special privilege, one that has an important mission, a command from the Lord—to raise children “in the discipline and instruction from the Lord” (Eph. 6:4). You cannot do this without family worship time when the whole family meets around the Word of God and prayer. But how to do it better? How to organize these meetings? What to do during these meetings? This book by Sergey Sologub, Kitchen Table Devotions, answers these and many other questions. We already used this book in our family and found it to be useful and practical!

Evgeniy Bakhmutskiy,
Pastor-teacher, Russian Bible Church (Moscow, Russia)

Amazingly captivating by content and depth, this book by Sergey Sologub is not just worthy of reading but is necessary for each family that wants a true worship to God. I am confident that readers will not be disappointed. And the parents who will apply this book in their everyday life will reap a reward. Glory to God for giving wisdom to those who are willing to share with others with what they receive.

Peter Lunichkin,
Pastor, Saint-Petersburg Evangelical Church Director of Light on East mission organization (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

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